Growing up my father would always ask what I wanted to be when I grew up.  My answer was often to "never stop learning." He got excited thinking I would follow his path into academia.  At Boston University I had 5 majors in various colleges but the one constant was the hours I would spend taking pictures and editing photos and layout for the student newspaper.  When I graduated with a degree in photojournalism my stoic dad gave me a hug with tears in his eyes and said "you figured it out.  You'll never stop learning."

I am a multimedia jouralist with a focus on stills and people currently employed as a staff photographer at the Tri-City Herald in Washington State.  I have held previous staff positions and internships with WickedLocal in Boston, as well as the Lima News and the Ashland Times-Gazette in Ohio.

I have won multiple AP Ohio Awards, Boston Press Photographers Awards, as well as a first place AP Northwest Photo Award but am more importantly a Springsteen fanatic, a recovering candy addict and a puppy lover with a childlike disposition.